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Ho’oponopono – a smart and Powerful way to clear

Healing Technique

As a hypnotist I specialize in working with clients with chronic pain and clients with relationship problems.

Ho’oponopono compliments the release of related emotions that are the data that create these issues.

I engage the client in conversational hypnosis to uncover the pain or the relationship issues that are troubling them. I describe that they are 100% responsible for what happens in their life.

I make suggestions as to how to clear issues using the basic Ho’oponopono cleaning phrases. I use visualization cleaning “Ice Blue” and the “mirror”clearing for pain and self worth issues.

Hypnotic suggestion allow the client to remember subconsciously to continuously clean.
After the client leaves I also clean what I have found about them. This is the important
time for this client, even thought they do not know it is happening. The result of my
work is life changing for them.

5 Things You May not know about Ho’oponopono

You are 100% responsible for what happens in your life.

You will live in the present.

You will mute the sounds of the external world (Noise, data, experience, beliefs)

There are 3 states of mind – Zero – Inspiration – Data.

Zero: You will clear out “external data’ in order to come to the Zero state and then receive

Divine inspiration and when you receive Divine inspiration you act on it. Then your
health, wealth; and love will then improve.

The Clearing Mantra

I’m sorry

Please forgive me

Thank you

I love you.

And it’s that simple!

Try it!

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